Shattered Bones: True Survival Stories (Powerful Medicine)

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But the same study found type-II collagen may slip through your gut without losing its chemical structure.

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Of course, we're still learning about the human gut. But at this point, there are many more questions than answers.

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But again, the evidence is mixed. As is the case with any supplement, the U. For this reason, it's important to do a little research before stocking up.

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We know tons about the benefits of eating protein among all other nutrients in food, but very little about the benefits of eating it in isolated form. That said, protein isolates can help you meet higher needs due to disease, injury, sports, skin conditions, or appetite loss. If you want to try a collagen supplement for two to three months, Dr. Moyad says the health risks should be minimal and there may be some benefits.

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If you're interested in trying it, Vital Proteins makes an unflavored collagen peptides product the NSF has certified. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. Yulia Lisitsa Getty Images. What is collagen powder? Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. Shop Now.

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    How Newt Gingrich Destroyed American Politics - The Atlantic

    They hope this discovery will lead to new treatments to help people heal after injuries or surgeries. Baht's team confirmed that older people have more Apolipoprotein E, ApoE for short, than younger people. If that protein name rings a bell, it's because ApoE is also implicated in Alzheimer's and heart disease. The team found that year olds had twice as much ApoE in their bloodstreams as year olds, then found the same was true for month-old mice versus 4-month-old mice, which approximate the same human age ranges.

    Next, they wanted to figure out if and how ApoE affects the multi-step process of bone healing. When you break a bone, your body sends signals through the bloodstream to recruit cells to fix it. Some of those recruits, specifically skeletal stem cells, build up cartilage as a temporary scaffolding to hold the fracture together. In the next step, more recruited cells mature into osteoblasts, bone-building cells, which lay strong, dense bone cells on top of the cartilage scaffolding.

    Finally, a different kind of cell eats up the cartilage scaffolds and osteoblasts fill those holes with bone. And if you were to look at it five years out, there'd be no sign of an injury anymore. That's if the bone healing process works perfectly.

    But the researchers found that if they added ApoE to a petri dish with skeletal stem cells, fewer cells developed into osteoblasts and the osteoblasts were worse at building bones. ApoE-treated cells are still able to do this, they just don't do it as much or as well. Next, the researchers created an intervention by injecting a virus which keeps mice from making ApoE protein. Circulating ApoE levels dropped by 75 percent and the healed bones contained one and a half-times more strong, hard bone tissue than bones of untreated mice.

    Past researchers linked ApoE to Alzheimer's disease and atherosclerosis, a disease in which fatty plaques narrow the arteries. Too little ApoE, and fat builds up and can cause cardiovascular issues. The liver virus which turned off ApoE production in mice acts permanently, so Baht's next step is to investigate other interventions. In our future studies, we're going to try to temporarily lower ApoE.

    That would be probably a much safer model," Baht said. Materials provided by Duke University Medical Center.

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