Political Theory: The State of the Discipline

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  1. John G. Gunnell
  2. What is political theory? Epistemological implications - Baripedia
  3. States of Discipline

What makes neoliberalism such a resilient mode of economic and political governance?

How does neoliberalism effectively reproduce itself in the face of popular opposition? Such practices range from the development of market-oriented policies through legal and administrative reforms at the local and national-level, to the coercive apparatuses of the state that repress the social forces that oppose various aspects of neoliberalization.

John G. Gunnell

The book argues that these practices are built on the pre-existing infrastructure of neoliberal governance, which strive towards limiting the spaces of popular resistance through a set of administrative, legal and coercive mechanisms. Cease to Exist? This is vital reading for all those interested in the changing nature of neoliberalism in contemporary capitalism. Drawing on an extensive array of cases, Cemal Burak Tansel has brought together an outstanding collection of essays that lucidly dissect the complexity, resilience and increasingly disciplinary nature of neoliberal governance.

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Together, this volume presents a signature account of authoritarian neoliberalism. Despite the global economic crisis in — neoliberalism has continued to reign supreme.

What is political theory? Epistemological implications - Baripedia

This highly important book sheds light on new forms of authoritarian neoliberalism underpinning this rule. From themes such as labour, security and gender to the EU, Turkey and Greece, analyses emphasise the centrality of the state in securing capitalist accumulation. A must-read for academics and activists alike interested in challenging ongoing exploitation.

I strongly recommend this book.

Burgess, Robert A. Dahl, David Easton, John G. Gunnell, Norman Jacobson, Harold D. Lasswell, Francis Lieber, Charles E. Merriam, David M.

States of Discipline

Ricci, William H. White, Woodrow Wilson, and W. Its unprecedented treatment of the history of political science makes Discipline and History essential reading for political scientists and their students. This edition, however, did not begin as a series of papers for an annual meeting but, rather, "from scratch. In addition, these authors were asked to provide a perspective on the research literature that was as international and comparative as their.

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No cover image. Read preview. Excerpt This project has its origin in the Spring of , shortly after Seymour Martin Lipset, then president of the American Political Science Association, asked me to be program chair for the Annual Meeting. Clarke; David M.